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John Wilson

Lookeba, OK, United States

Member since June 10, 2013

  • Spend An Idyllic Summer In An Ann Arbor Bed And Breakfast For A Relaxing Holiday

    Well-being, Communication Design

    When choosing their destination for a summer holiday, most people don't really think of Michigan. It's a pity, since there is so much to the Mitten State, from Detroit's city lights to the lakes, forests, farmlands and charming little towns of the countryside. For a glorious summer holiday this year, you won't regret booking a stay in an Ann Arbor bed and breakfast.

    Located about midway between the state capital of Lansing and the biggest city in Michigan, Detroit, Ann Arbor makes for a lovely mid-year break. Its streets are lined with trees and thickets are dotted throughout the parks, making it clear why the city is also known as Tree Town. Add to this the location on the banks of the Huron River and you have an idyllic setting for a college town.

    The University of Michigan has had its home in the city since 1837. Regarded as one of the world's top universities, it is especially renowned for the research conducted here. Seven winners of the Nobel Prize were affiliated to this excellent school and some of the famous names that graduated from here include actors James Earl Jones and Lucy Liu, rockers Iggy Pop and Bob Seeger, mezzosoprano Jessye Norman and famed playwright and one-time husband of Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller. Madonna majored in dance here but left to become a star before she could graduate.

    It isn't really surprising that the University of Michigan is what makes Ann Arbor's wheels turn. Student involvement in the civil rights movement and in protests against the Vietnam War helped seal the city's reputation as a left-wing hotbed. Of the nearly 114,000 people who live here, roughly 30,000 work for their city's famous tertiary education institution.

    Michigan University also oversees many of Ann Arbor's galleries and performing-arts venues. Museums here include ones dedicated to natural history, art and archeology. The School of Dentistry runs a dentistry museum and there is even a museum of musical instruments.

    The sports scene is largely college-based too. The university's basketball and ice-hockey teams have their own venues but the football team, the Wolverines, definitely got the best deal. Their home is Michigan Stadium the largest American football stadium in the entire world. Incidentally, the team once had a star center named Gerald Ford, better known as the 38th president of the USA.

    A major attraction during summer is the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. For three weeks, the city is the place to be with a wide array of live performances in various genres, exhibitions, street artists and workshops. Activities range from yoga to hula hooping and beer tasting. Some of the headline acts confirmed for this year's festival include 'The Blind Couple of Mali', Amadou and Mariam, as well as the British pop group Django Django.

    Amtrak and several bus lines all serve Ann Arbor. Another easy way to reach the city is to fly in to the airport at Detroit. It's less than half an hour's drive away. Be sure though to book your Ann Arbor bed and breakfast well ahead of time and remember that the weather can get hot and sticky this time of year.

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