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Cataliya Zoe

Lithuania, Siauliai, Vaidoto, Lithuania, Lithuania


Member since June 10, 2013

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    Tana Goldfields PLC United Kingdom – Mining gold for its investment potential | garrywharley on Xanga

    A special Diamond Jubilee gold coin proved popular with investors Demand for gold jewellery has risen 12 per cent around the world in the first quarter of the year according to the World Gold Council’s trend report published today.

    But while investing cash in a lustrous gold bar, coins or jewellery can be very alluring, it means your savings can present a security headache if you are keeping treasures at home.

    Investing in gold can be surprisingly easy for the ordinary punter, but it’s worth remembering that gold’s trading price is very volatile.

    Gold prices in the UK have dropped around 10 per cent over the last year, but its value has grown by 94 per cent over the last 5 years, according to

    But the ups and downs don’t seem to be putting people off buying the yellow metal. Sales of of American Eagle Gold Coins rocketed in April for example according to the US Mint, despite recent price instability. Buying bullion or gold bars, purchasing coins such as krugerrands, or investing in the gold mining industry through share funds are just some of the ways to invest. Adam Laird, Passive Investment Manager at Hargreaves Lansdown said: ‘Investors need to weigh up the features of each method when adding gold to a portf...