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Kay Wedlock

Shepards Bush, United Kingdom

Member since June 07, 2013

  • How to decorate a small apartment

    Community, Communication Design

    Small apartments can look chic and stylish but only if you know how to decorate them correctly. Far too many people get the design of their apartment wrong and end up with it looking too busy and cluttered. If you are currently re-decorating your apartment we suggest painting it a light colour as this will help to draw in the natural light and make the rooms look bigger. You can also purchase home accessories like mirrors, as these will bounce the light around the room, again enhancing its size. Although it is best to keep the walls a simple neutral colour like cream, you can still inject a little colour into your home by using home accessories like candles, cushions and vases. Make sure you stick to a two colour scheme like cream and gold, or cream and red, as this will help to give your apartment a luxury feel.

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