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Chris Savage

United States

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  • How to Find & Use Eco-friendly Home Decor Elements

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    Going green is not difficult, but it does require a shift in mindset. Just like those who opt to go vegetarian after a lifetime of eating meat require an initial shift in their way of thinking. With time, however, it gets easier and ideas start coming to you instead of you having to chase them. If you are genuinely interested in moving toward an eco-friendly lifestyle, here are some suggestions that will get your mind jogging in the greener direction.

    Critically examine your house

    Think of yourself as a designer you have hired to give you ideas to inculcate greener variety of furniture and decor items in your home. Start with your porch (if you have one) or your living room, and in this room begin with the piece of furniture closest to the main door. Work your way through the rest of the house. Make a physical list of the materials these items and pieces use and look up their greener alternatives on the Internet.

    Examples of green furniture include:

    • hardwood furniture with organic paint and organic upholstery;
    • eco-friendly window blinds or organic window shades;
    • decorative items made of recycled glass, metal, wood, or stone; and
    • wicker book racks, shelves, and baskets.

    Similarly, think of the personal items you use throughout the day, and find greener, better alternatives to them. Gradually phase out the non-green items from your life.

    Choose green wallpaper and paneling

    Wallpapers and wall panelings are usually made of PVC and other toxic materials and paints. A...

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