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Brooklyn, NY, United States

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  • Organization and Management Questions


    Since publishing the article in 2007, what headway has been made, to bring designers and other participants together to share knowledge and advance the environmental movement as a team as apposed to as competitors? What still remains to be done? Also, how did you get authentic participation, interest, and collaboration as apposed to having people sign up for an initiative because of the PR appeal (or other indirect incentives)? Or have people begun to get more interested after having signed up with your organization? Also, how do you manage the participation of 170,000 plus participants? Are there any strategies that you have learned that others could benefit from in terms of organizing similar groups (i.e. with the focus on positive interaction and contributing to the world)? Have you noticed any demographic disparities or trends with regards to who gets involved and achieves their goals within this project?

    If I have any further questions, I shall post them here as well. Thank you!

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