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bebet caguin

seattle, wa, United States


Member since November 04, 2007

  • Stuff that makes you think about stuff



    My friend Koko shared this online presentation with me as I prepared our dinner last night chopping vegetables and chatting about my work trip to China. She brought up an email she sent me a week ago with a link to the Story of Stuff. It sat in my inbox untouched because I’ve been so busy at work making stuff. Making stuff with the intent of considering all things right for the world. Making stuff while standing on my soapbox preaching to my co-workers about being green and the effects of globalization and how we have the power to be part of the solution rather than contribute to the problem.

    The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard is a little short that I want to share with you but I won’t bother emailing it because it may sit in your inbox untouched or even be immediately deleted. You can watch it in its’ entirety or watch it in chapters. Leonard does a great job articulating the process of stuff. The visuals help to lead through the process. Koko said her young daughters were captivated and made it through the whole screening and had a discussion about stuff afterwards. I think you’ll find it interesting enough to share with at least one person. Maybe you’ll even have an impromptu screening at a dinner party.

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