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Plaire Roux

United States

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    The liquid funds and debt funds have started giving negative returns over the last couple of weeks after Reserve Bank of India intervened and tightened the liquidity, personal finance expert, Feroze Azeez, Anand Rathi Private Wealth Management said.

    In an interview to CNBC-TV18, Feroze Azeez, Anand Rathi Private Wealth Management shared his views on how one should approach gold and mutual fund from a long-term investment perspective.

    Should you invest in fixed maturity plans now?

    Below is the verbatim transcript of Azeez's interview with CNBC-TV18.

    Caller Q: I have been investing in mutual funds with the aim of earning decent returns. I have invested about Rs 5 lakh with a two years horizon. However the current scenario is bad and the liquid debt fund is giving negative returns. What should I do now?

    A: As you pointed out that liquid funds and debt funds have also started giving negative returns over the last couple of weeks after Reserve Bank of India intervened and tightened the liquidity.

    If you have Rs 5 lakh to invest and the time horizon is about two years then you should stay away from equity, still debt will have some volatility but to my mind liquid fund have given negative returns, not because of inherent nature but there was a change in the method of computation of the net asset value (NAV). I do not think it is going to be a very long phenomena, it is going to be short-lived. Therefore, you should not be too worried as long as your timeframe is two years.

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    We explain the best ways to invest in gold through funds, Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs), bullion and coins. The first pure gold coins were struck by King Croesus of Lydia (present-day Turkey) during his reign between 560BC and 547BC - and gold coins have continued as legal tender ever since.

    Many years down the line, investors still love gold and the precious metal has proved a valuable winner in recent years.

    Going for gold: The precious metal has cooled after a spectacular rise, but investors say it is still one for the long-term.

    Update: Gold's recent run

    Gold hit record highs in September 2011, yet never went on to crack the $2,000 an ounce mark widely forecast at the time The spot gold price, which is typically measured in US dollars, hit a peak of $1,920 during that month. Some tipped it to soar beyond $2,000, but instead gold slipped and spent most of 2012 stuck in a range, shuttling back and forth between around $1,600 and $1,800.

    A sell-off since December 2012 has seen gold drop as share prices have climbed.

    The spot gold price stood at $1,571 or £1,040, at the start of this month. The dramatic falls of the past few days sent it down below £1,000 to £899 on 15 April.

    At $1,370 gold is down 29 per cent on the peak.

    However, gold bugs - as the precious metal's fans are called - say that bullion's recent dip has to be put into context. Look at a long-term chart of the gold price and you will see that even having lost almost a fifth from its peak, it ...

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