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Liam Goranz


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    Dynamic Systems (GXG: DSHI), the London GXG-quoted green energy company announced today that it has a global license for all patented technologies in the EnerDynamic suite. In addition, the company has initiated a strategic marketing campaign to introduce alternative energy solutions to urban centers throughout Europe and Asia as well as those remote regions devoid of any conventional electricity grid power. “We have been working on a variety of significant energy projects around the world, and our technical solutions are currently being evaluated by private and public organizations in numerous countries,” commented Al Scott, President of Dynamic Systems.

    Products covered by the agreement include but are not limited to: Ener-Tree, EnerGem Silos roof top generators and Rev Light charging solutions. “We are excited about the imminent roll-out of our flagship Ener-Tree technology, commented Scott. “The company is transitioning from beta testing to full scale commercialization which will see us begin to unlock some share holder value”, Scott added.

    Notes to Editors

    Dynamic Systems Holdings Inc. (GXG: DSHI):

    Dynamic Systems is a clean technology company focused on alternative energy products for the global market. DSHI develops, commercialized, and licenses a range of viable and innovative solutions for the global energy, transportation, telecommunications and water purification industries. For more information...

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    DSHI is pleased to announce the opening of a dedicated R&D facility in Brantford ON to advance the commercialization of EnerDynamic technologies for DSHI’s global license.

    EnerDynamic Systems Inc. was formed to provide solutions to meet the world’s energy demands. The firm is focused on developing solar, wind and a range of alternate energy technologies for use in industries such as transportation, telecommunications, remote power, and water purification. EnerDynamic is focused on innovative products that combine the capture of both wind and solar energy in one of the most advanced systems on the market today. This new technology known as Ener-Tree is the first true wind and solar hybrid generator available in a single, portable device.

    “The world is moving toward a ‘carbon neutral’ goal and there is a huge emphasis on the development of ground breaking technology. The world is looking for new sources of clean energy. However, these efforts are hindered by the need to develop, build and service alternative energy solutions on a global scale. This is an area where Brantford is strategically positioned to play an integral part in this movement,” CEO Tom Bryson said. “We have a labour force with readily transferrable manufacturing skills. The types of jobs required in the green technology manufacturing sector are ideally suited to workers who have been impacted by the economic downturn,” he added. Any manufacturer...

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