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Sergio Ada


Member since June 03, 2013

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    DSHI is pleased to report that CEO Tom Bryson and other team members were invited to join the provincial and federal governments on a trade mission to Mexico for the Green Expo held September 26-29 at the World Trade Centre in Mexico City.

    The Global Resources Environmental and Energy Network show was well attended by exhibitors and visitors from around the world. A series of key matchmaking sessions were set-up in advance by BMT Global Consulting on behalf of the Canadian Government. The DSHI team were looking to establish key partnering opportunities with manufacturers and distributors of our EnerDynamic products in Mexico and throughout Central America.

    Mexico City is committed to renewable energy projects and key infrastructure initiatives are currently being planned. One of the largest and highest visibility projects is the decision to purchase 8,000 Nissan Leaf 100% electric cars to replace the aging taxi fleets that clog the streets and lungs in the countries capital. This initiative is an ideal platform for the introduction of the Lamp Post EV Charge Point technology, and it was met favourably in all of the meetings the company attended.

  • Correspondence Received from Premier of Ontario

    Communication, Environmental Design

    Even with the election in full swing, the company has received a personal response from Dalton McGuinty, Premier of the Province of Ontario in follow up to the letter submitted by Dave Levac on September 1, 2011 regarding EnerDynamic EV Charging technology.

    The Premier was pleased to read about the company’s various technologies, and has forwarded the correspondence to the Honourable Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure for follow-up. The company has been in contact with various officials and are awaiting confirmation that the EnerDynamic technology will be presented in an upcoming official RFI released by the government for information and technological proposals with respect to the rollout of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in the province.

    The company is confident that our “Made in Ontario” solution can be the cornerstone of a public, private partnership that will involve various suppliers and providers of infrastructure solutions, including the array of LDC’s in the province who have domain over the local distribution of grid power from OPG and various micro generators who feed in alternative energy to the grid via the Feed in Tariff.

    “We find ourselves in a very important place to benefit from the huge global trend toward generating clean, green energy. While many of the world’s people don’t have access to reliable grid delivered electricity, the need for robust micro generation systems for remote power requirements is increasing exponentially. A...

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