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Candy Betje


Member since May 31, 2013

  • Sitejabber | Satisfaction Guaranteed at Westhill Consulting

    Well-being, Communication Design


    When Westhill Consulting told me that they found a property that suits me, I got very excited that I almost peed a little because I'm so happy. I am so impressed with these people, they are so organized. I never wait for too long for them to find a perfect property I needed. I finally got a call from them and that moment felt like one of the best in my life. The property was my long dream of having and I am very grateful with westhill finding one for me.

    Westhill Consulting Property was the best realtor I could ever imagine for a buyer to have. I do not know if everyone there is the best but at least everyone I had engaged into were, I have nothing but good things to tell about them. Everyone was a good listener and they catch things up very fast. No wonder they got everything right with I wanted and found the perfect thing for me. They were all very accommodating, I never felt intimidated, you can tell them what you want and they will be very honest with you.

    Another good thing about them is they were always easy to reach whenever you need them so I never had trouble on schedule or anything. You know I am a very busy man and time is very essential for me that is why Westhill Consulting fits me perfectly. I felt like I actually did nothing and they perfected everything for me. All I did was explained to them what I wanted and I got what I want. It is as simple as that. I wanted professionals like them in my own company that is how I am impressed with them.

    Not a single minute I doubted them even though I trusted them with a huge amount of money, every cent were detailed for you, every receipt and check is with your knowledge and you will be given your own copy, I can’t believe how organized they are. No wonder they have lots of customers, well I myself would recommend them to anyone I know. I am sure I will never get blamed or I will not put myself into shame for my recommendation. Truly an amazing experience, isn’t it?

    I am sure this isn’t the last time I will deal business with them. I feel like I owe them so much that I am writing this to give back on them, that I had to share the experience so someone else will share the feelings I have. That is how satisfied I am each time I am seeing the property I own right now.

    I am looking forward dealing business with you again. They say money can’t buy you happiness but since I bought the property, I never been this happy. I owe you one.

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Candy Betje

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