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Giza, Dokki, Egypt

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since November 03, 2007

  • Shocked & confuse !!!


    Well , i was so shocked from the results & also sorry i saw in the finals some designs not powerful at all there re most powerful things should be in final than others ....!!!!! i wonder what was the point of view !!!

    Anyway ..... i noticed that some entries were companies & individuals ....for me i was joined by 8 or 9 ideas ....Its took a lot of time & effort to do such a thing .....& this cost us money, Time equal money !!

    But for me it dosen't matter cuz about my informations the united nations or any famous organizations is fair ..... so if they re already had their own designer why they did this competition from the beginning ??!! & waste all our times ........ !!! & disappointed us !! also many of us will think bad thoughts...!! you know what um sure some of them will say they gathered our works & gonna use them by way or another & for sure this is not acceptable !!!

    Am sure that most of us saved alot of ideas to learn from it to make our brains in creation with no limit .......this is my concept & i wouldn't use any idea cuz i love to do my own style ....!!! what ever ......Who is gonna be responsible for this mistake !!! & how could people trust like this contests ???? for me its first time to participate & now um afraid to join again !!!

    plus we would like to know how the jury made their choices to get to final & their opinions plz ....cuz there re things i didnt see that it deserve to get to fainal ...& Congraaaaaatsss to who deserve it specialy the most popular i loved this design alot & i said to my self he could be the 1st winner not the most popular :) Really !!!

    Finaly , Hope to find answers for what we said .... , & Thanks alot for Design21 give us the chance to participating & had a free talk to send our point of view & makes us learn more & more !!

    In My opinion ..... a little thing to do to send a Thanks certificate to every one entered this contest & Design21 do a new evaluation again & make the 1st & 2nd & 3rd & most popular on Design21 web site ....& the prices may be could be the Allumonde Ring with a certificate even the cheapest one it dosen't matter but just to make us trust in this kind of contests..!!!

    & I am sooooooo confused for Design21 situation i knew that they refused to break rules Ok !!! ...Then how come Design21 added new entries after the deadline ......& in the first day in voting i saw the numbers of entries was 1603 .........the day after was 1606 then the third day was 1607 .....????!!!! ......... So What this mean Exactly !!! you guys owe us an explanation for what happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope i made my opinion clear & Sorry to make it so long !!!

    Best Regards,

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