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Giza, Dokki, Egypt

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since November 03, 2007

  • Wish Best of luck for all of us :)


    In response to Welcome, new members!, posted by Linda Lopez,
    in the thread Welcome, new members!

    I agree with you totaly !!! & this is a good chance to thank this group alot to give us such a great opportunity , to show our creativity in this competition !!

    I tried to broke my mind soooo hard to creat different styles of design and also in different ways & fields .....when the vote finishing hope u liked my work when u notice it ....... !!!

    My designs had no base they r simple & tried hard to refflect the fetival i didnt like to reflect the meaning of ( stories from the field ) i tried to reflect the whole event & its aims & most important thing a documentary film from United Nations !!!

    My concept was to do the logo Simple ...ellegant & refflect the aims & the whole thing , in my opinion when anyone in the whole world see any logo specially for a grand event like this ...should be understandble & readable without reading the text !! we should cocider that not all people re well educated or cann't read ???? so the logo should be clear & catchy to let the one who don't understand or read understand it or had his attention to ask about it ........??!!!

    For me this was so hard , to creat design not using the regular things & the same time to be standble and direct !!! after all i hope i did well :) & my work could desserve ur attention :)

    I donna know if um right or wrong , please ur feedback all important to me & welcomed about this issue ???

    Thanks Again , & Have a wonderful Day !!!

    P.S : Best of Luck to all entries & i feel so sorry for the jury um sure they r gonna be so confused to pick something charming for this event :) again best of luck !!!!

    Best Regards !!

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