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Giza, Dokki, Egypt

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since November 03, 2007

Art Is a Piece of Magic ,It is the aliment of Soul & Mind, Our lives full of meanings of Arts, Like Dealing with others - Thinking -Talking -working...Many things..!

I wonder ...which one of us ,ve his touching magic ?! To Be ... Magic of Art !

Well I am full of Passion to creat .... my strenth is in the advertising field .... ( Logos , Print out field , Illustrator work ) ..... !!!

Also i love Photography i took 2 locale prizes in different contests :)

& my dream to mix between Photography & my creation to produce a master peieces from art !!! Becuase there is nothing ugly !! If keept looking deeply we'll find the beauty in this what said that its ugly !!

Wish one day i could reach this dream :) !!!

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Shocked & confuse !!!


Well , i was so shocked from the results & also sorry i saw in the finals some designs not power...

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Stories of the Field Logo Competition Results

Community, Communication Design

Posted December 13, 2007
By .Ana Aceves.

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THE RUSSIAN CENTER November 2004 Dokki, Egypt
Degree: Certification/Diploma – Cartoon Maker How To make a Cartoon Movie by Learning how to use these soft wares [ Animo , Photo Shop CS ,Character Design ,Adobe Premiere, After Effect , 3D Studio Max 6 ]

YATE CENTER November 2002
Cairo, Egypt    
Degree: Certification/Diploma - WEB DESIGN
Every Thing about designing a web site ...

all the tracks (flash mx, dreamwaver mx , photo shop 0.7)

FINE ARTS   July 2001
ZAMALEK, Egypt  
Degree: Bachelors - Decoration
Do all the decoration for any building or any thing...especially for television...or theaters or cinema.

Simplicity is mother of Beauty .... & ..... Beauty is Every Where !!!

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design