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    The death is still a taboo subject in our society, this fact is also due to the fact that only few older people remember that to get the survivors in case of death high cost. Not only the funeral expenses for the coffin and the grave site must be paid, and the celebration ceremony, obituaries and various errands help that a considerable amount of financial expenses is necessary. As the survivors are responsible for a befitting burial, it is recommended and useful for the elderly, in time to meet with a death benefit that adequate provisions to impose any financial burden on the bereaved. Determine the appropriate sum insured

    The importance of private insurance death has still increased also and above all by the complete elimination of existing since the 1883 death benefit from the scope of the statutory health insurance. At the conclusion of the private insurance death one should pay attention to a reasonable sum insured, so that the financial expenses can be really covered. As a guide today, an amount of five thousand euros for costs around a funeral. This coverage should therefore be considered a minimum value, also because additional expenses could be added, such as rules relating to grave care. Also, the disbursement procedures are governed