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Teresa Fernandez

Fresno, CA, United States

Member since May 15, 2013

  • There is no need to limit your self to the use of khakis, slacks and denims. Mens cotton drawstring pants are worn by those who want to sport a look that is more relaxed and on the casual side. Putting on a pair doesn't necessarily mean you are turning your back on style. Especially when used with the appropriate tops and accessories, you can look so trendy.

    If you are bound for the office or a business meeting, skip wearing it. But putting it on may be done on practically any other day or occasion. Such type of trousers is suitable to be worn if you want to spend time at home, away from the grind. Feeling comfortable from the waist below is the way to go when enjoying a great movie or listening to your favorite tunes.

    You may also put on a pair if you wish to head out. A lot of stylish males can be seen wearing drawstrings while with their friends or hitting tourist spots. Because this piece of clothing is designed intentionally to have a laid-back appeal, it's of utmost importance that you pick an appropriate top to go with it. This saves you from ending up having a sloppy look.

    Fortunately, the types of tees which may be worn with it come aplenty. You will surely stop traffic when you match it with a top having palm tree or floral prints. This is the perfect getup when doing all sorts of fun outdoor activities during summer. You may also go to a beach wedding wearing a pair for as long as a stylish shirt that suits the occasion is worn with it.

    Going for a plain button...

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  • Industrial Design
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