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Nagendra Singh

New Delhi, New Delhi, India

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since May 14, 2013

A seo service is a franchise devoted to manipulating current internet trends, and the search mechanisms of leading search browsers like Google, YouTube or Bing, in order to bring a particular website into maximum prominence. It simple words, it helps a website get noticed. The activities of a seo are multifaceted, and may often be combined with other web based industries like PPC- pay per click or other search engine marketing techniques.

Seo’s have gotten a lot of bad press in recent times- being accused of excessive key word stuffing, cheap search engine manipulation ploys, and producing search engine optimization oriented, non useful, not attractive web pages, that get themselves to the top of a search list, but don’t give the web surfer the things he/ she is actually looking for

Ethical seo services- search optimization techniques that are on the straight and narrow!

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design