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aileen sail

New York, New York, United States

Member since May 12, 2013

  • Ba_177_

    Hong Kong Shares Go to First From Worst on China Economy Rebound

    Hong Kong stocks are beating every market in Asia as China’s economy strengthens, rebounding from the biggest drop among developed world shares in the first half.

    The Hang Seng Index surged 16 percent from its June 24 low, outpacing the 14 percent climb for the Shanghai Composite Index, the next-biggest gain among Asian benchmark gauges in the period, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Even after the rally, Hong Kong’s index traded at 10.9 times estimated earnings as of Sept. 13, the lowest in global developed markets behind Israel.

    Chinese economic data that beat forecasts this quarter spurred Hong Kong stocks to reverse course after posting an 8.2 percent loss in the six months through June. New credit almost doubled in August from July, easing concern that a lending crunch would curtail expansion in the world’s second-biggest economy, while equities rallied worldwide on signs growth is picking up.

    “A lot of economic data have come in to show China’s not going to have a hard landing,” said Jeffrey Shen, head of emerging markets at BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager. “Hong Kong is clearly the first place for international investors to put some money to work in China.”

    The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI), also known as the H-share index, last week entered a bull market after climbing 20 percent from its June low, and the Hang Seng Index erased this year’s loss. The m...

  • Hong Kong: Avoid Fragmentation

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Looking at Hong Kong's current problems, one may start worrying whether or not the city is fragmenting; socially, politically and economically. Consider the volume of complaints and grievances at all levels from different sectors of the population.

    At the family level, the death of one celebrity resulted in his children and their stepmother fighting for the will. Recently, three brothers from a big family business listed on the stock market fought for shares and authority in their business. In the property sector, the announcement of an annual supply of 85,000 units was bad timing as it coincided with the fall of the property market. Property holders grumbled as the property price plummeted, while property developers could not sell as there was market overlap between government supplies in the form of the home ownership scheme and private supplies in similar size properties. The bankruptcy rate jumped, though it was argued that the mild penalty from bankruptcy would have been exploited so as to get rid of debts in a short period of time.

    Environmentalists complained and recommended no further developments, including the lowering of tall buildings, using less energy, reducing the amount of garbage and so on, despite the city being a business and tourist center, where even the Disneyland and fast food restaurants would have generated much garbage on a daily basis.

    It has turned into environmental protectionism that might have reduced development potential in Hong Kon...