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Laurie Robertson


Member since May 09, 2013

  • Saving the Earth

    Community, Environmental Design



    Once upon a time, in a village, there lived a boy named Raman. He was poor and could not go to school. But he had friends whom he met occasionally. He liked to plant trees. Raman spent his time helping his parents.

    One day Raman’s dog was barking at a person cutting the branches of a tree. Raman told the man not to cut it, but he didn’t listen. The man said that he was assigned by the authorities to cut many more trees in the locality. Raman was depressed. He went home with his dog as the man continued to chop.

    After a week, he found a postcard lying around. He wrote a letter to the authorities requesting them not to cut trees. He wrote that every leaf is precious and trees give out oxygen, provide food and shelter to people and prevent soil erosion. He posted the letter and got a reply in two days. The letter stated that the authorities would plant saplings to compensate for cutting the trees.

    The boy got a reward for his efforts to save trees. His parents appreciated him and they lived happily.

  • Crown Jakarta Capital Eco Management News

    Environment, Environmental Design


    What Technology is Helping Businesses to Improve Energy Savings?

    Energy efficiency needs to be a priority for all businesses. This can have benefits for the environment and the running costs of a business. However, it is an area which requires continual review and action. It often begins with the little things; from carrying out an energy walk-round and identifying wasteful energy usage, to ensuring heaters and boilers are regularly serviced. The small things often make a big difference. However, today we are going to look at the technology businesses are investing in to improve their energy savings.


    The majority of power supplies provide some form of smart metering that allows data usage to be monitored. Instead of waiting for the power company to manually read your business meter every few months, a smart meter enables readings that can immediately be accessed by a power company and business. This source of knowledge can help a commercial enterprise to save money and improve energy consumption, by having the ability to compare data points and to identify energy wastage. This can prove its worth by helping to identify consumption wastage that is unnoticed during a walk-round and is a great investment for businesses.


    According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) lighting accounts for around 40% of commercial energy consumption. So smart lighting is a smart investment for large or small businesses. This is because it works to increase...


    The first house in the world to supply its own energy with unique “bioskin” through the cultivation of micro-algae is being presented at the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg in Germany.

    As a part of the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg, the Bio Intelligent Quotient (BIQ) House is the world’s first building to have a bioreactor façade. The façade of the five-story BIQ House comprises a vertical algae farm with an integrated bioreactor, turning the building into a Plus Energy House. This weekend, the house became fully operational as the glass façade was filled with liquid biomass. From now on, microalgae will be cultivated in 129 transparent glass panels, individually measuring 2.5 x 0.7 meters, which make up its “bioskin.” While these panels are used to produce energy, they also regulate light and provide shade. The combination of energy-saving algae and geothermal and solar energy will generate more energy than the residents of the house will consume.

    “The BIQ House makes the district of Wilhelmsburg, the biggest urban river island in the heart of Hamburg, more sustainable,” said Uli Hellweg, managing director of the IBA. “From now on, the microalgae on the façade will be supplying renewable energy for the building’s residents and the surrounding district. We know that about one-third of CO2 em...

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