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Maria Rojvik


Member since May 09, 2013

  • Crown Global Insurance: Account Management

    Communication, Communication Design


    We provide a platform of professionally managed investment options primarily utilising an Insurance Dedicated Funds "IDF" platform. We do have the capability to provide more specific investment strategies offered through our key banking relationships around the world.

    Each client account is invested in an insurance dedicated fund or managed account directed by a third party manager selected by the client. Crown does not manage any fund or account. Fund investments and managers may be changed by a client at agreed intervals, subject only to restrictions imposed by investor control rules under the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations.


    Each proposed policyholder needs to determine for themselves whether a particular investment option is suitable in light of their individual situation. The Insurer and its affiliates make no recommendations, and provide no advice, as to the selection of investment options or the allocation of assets among subaccounts.

    Asset Protection

    There are also certain non-tax advantages that can be derived through ownership of investments through an insurance/annuity vehicle. Many individuals have sought to secure greater protection for their assets through establishing off-shore, asset protection trusts. While the law varies from state to state, in most domestic jurisdictions, assets owned in a variable life insurance or annuity contract are not subject to claims of creditors. Non-US in...

  • Carbon Trading Scam - Crown Capital Eco Management

    Environment, Environmental Design


    ATTLEBORO (CBS)- It was a memorable episode of “Seinfeld”. Kramer and Newman filled a truck with bottles and cans in New York and went on a road trip to Michigan.

    They were dreaming of getting rich by redeeming those beverage containers for 10 cents apiece when they had only paid five cents a piece in New York.

    The problem is that fiction has become reality in Massachusetts. Honest taxpayers are losing millions of dollars each year in these types of fraudulent returns

    The I-Team found there is little stopping out of state residents from scamming the system. In fact our cameras captured video of trucks with Rhode Island plates filled to the brim with empties. We watched as vehicle after vehicle like this came into a redemption center in Attleboro to make redemptions. We saw one man wheeling in heavy barrels while wearing protective gloves.

    While Massachusetts has a five-cent deposit for soda and beer containers, neither Rhode Island nor New Hampshire has a bottle bill.

    Environmental consultant Kevin Dietly of Northbridge Environmental in Westford said there is virtually nothing stopping a person from bringing out of state containers into Massachusetts for redemptions.

    The I-Team followed Joao Lomba from Yankee Spirits in Attleboro back to the parking lot of a social club in Pawtucket, Rhode Island after we saw him redeem hundreds of containers.

    He told us he takes the ...


    The UK Research Council’s Energy Programme has announ-ced funding of £5.25m for a study of energy-efficient heating and cooling technologies. The research will be carried out by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Storage, Transformation and Upgrading of Thermal Energy, which will be known as i-STUTE. The University of Warwick will play a leading role in the project, working alongside London South Bank, Loughborough and Ulster universities. i-STUTE director Professor Bob Critoph told H&V News the intention is to outline a strategy that will be easily understandable for consumers that will also “allow suppliers to make money”. He stated that i-STUTE was already speaking to companies such as Dimplex, Emerson and all the major boiler manufacturers. “We want to identify something that’s universally acceptable,” said Prof Critoph, explaining that the four partners had already carried out work in a number of complementary areas. “In many ways this follows on from the work we did within CALEBRE [Consumer-Appealing Low Energy technologies for Building Retrofitting],” Prof Critoph said, adding that this would allow the project to “hit the ground running”. He also revealed that there would be a focus on studying air-to-water and gas-absorption heat pumps. The four partners are due to sign legal documents to confirm their involvement by 1 June. ...

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