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Amir Khan

Greece, Greece, Greece


Member since May 07, 2013

  • MSRM - Dynamic Systems Holdings Canada GXG: DSHI

    Communication, Industrial Design



    At the heart of the THDS is an innovative electric machine known as the Multi-stage Switched Reluctance Motor (MSRM©), proven to be more efficient, economical and maintenance free than any other motor on the market today. The MSRM will not only replace large diesel and gas engines, but is powerful enough to replace the transmission or gearbox these drive trains require to increase torque.

    • high starting torque for moving heavy equipment and loads • higher efficiency than induction or permanent magnet designs superior torque/speed matching • highly fault tolerant, mechanically robust and reliable • less expensive to manufacture than competitive electric motors • highly flexible design can be used from 1hp to 500hp or more can replace both the diesel engine and transmission in heavy trucks and buses, reducing cost and vastly improving ease of driving DSI’s MSRM© is one of the simplest, most reliable and efficient electric motors currently being developed; and unlike comparable induction or permanent magnet motors, has no magnets, rotor windings, slip rings, brushes or other parts that increase complexity and reduce service life. In addition, this simple motor can easily transform into a robust, reliable generator for use in wind turbines, hydro electric and solar energy. DSHI has a 37% investment in DSI. next

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