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Tana Wharley

London, Surrey, United Kingdom


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  • Govt working on investment options to check gold buying: Raghuram Rajan

    CHENNAI: In a bid to bring down import of gold, the government is working on more attractive investment options to dissuade people from buying the metal, a senior Finance Ministry official said today.

    "We should create more attractive instruments which provide people an alternative source of investment than gold. And I think, we are working on those," said Chief Economic Advisor in the Finance Ministry Raghuram Rajan at a function here.

    The government recently launched inflation indexed bonds with an aim to ensure better returns to inventors.

    "As the economy starts doing better, more of these instruments will look more attractive. Equities look more attractive, fixed income will look more attractive as inflation comes down. That will take off some of the hunger for gold as an investment," Rajan added.

    Both government and RBI have been taking steps to curtail import of gold, which is mainly responsible for India's high current account deficit (CAD). Referring to controversy over the poverty line figures, Rajan said: "I think the point really is wherever you draw that line what is important is large number of people have (already) crossed. Won't you want more of our people to have the resources to do what they want..."

    The Planning Commission's poverty line which says persons are not poor if their daily consumption of goods and services exceed Rs 33.33 in cities and Rs 27...

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    We’re proud to host the 23rd World Mining Congress & Expo in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in 2013, and look forward to seeing you there. Montreal is truly a world-class destination and the perfect venue for our event as we look toward the future of mining.

    WMC 2013 will be hosted by a collaborative team including professors from five top Canadian universities: McGill University, University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, University of Toronto and University of Alberta, as well as the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM). Canada is built on a spectacular natural resources base and continues to thrive as a world leader in the extraction of many commodities. As well, in this time of global economic challenges, Canada and its provinces are laying the groundwork for continued growth and prosperity through an expansion of infrastructure, particularly in the energy and mineral industries.

    The theme for WMC 2013 is Mapping the Future: Advances in Mining Engineering, and an extensive technical program of leading-edge, peer-reviewed papers will provide the opportunity for high level knowledge sharing with peers. Over 1,500 people are expected to attend, enabling outstanding networking and the development of new business relationships. What’s more, the Mining Expo will showcase the very best suppliers and service providers supporting the global minerals industry, creating an unparalleled opportunity to hunt down the solutions to drive your busines...

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    The prospect of a deep sea "gold rush" opening a controversial new frontier for mining on the ocean floor has moved a step closer.

    The United Nations has published its first plan for managing the extraction of so-called "nodules" - small mineral-rich rocks - from the seabed.

    A technical study was carried out by the UN's International Seabed Authority - the body overseeing deep sea mining.

    It says companies could apply for licences from as soon as 2016.

    The idea of exploiting the gold, copper, manganese, cobalt and other metals of the ocean floor has been considered for decades but only recently became feasible with high commodity prices and new technology.

    Conservation experts have long warned that mining the seabed will be highly destructive and could have disastrous long-term consequences for marine life.

    The ISA study itself recognizes that mining will cause "inevitable environmental damage".

    But the report comes amid what a spokesman describes as "an unprecedented surge" of interest from state-owned and private mining companies.

  • Tana Goldfields PLC United Kingdom - Sustainability

    Community, Communication Design


    TANA GOLDFIELDS PLC believes in employing ethical business practices and engaging with the communities, businesses and governments and to operate in work areas with integrity.

    We also believe that our projects can make a significant and positive contribution to the well being of the people living in the territories where we work. We are committed to providing opportunities to generate a fair income for people and to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. TANA is establishing strategies in key areas of operational performance: tailings management, energy and emissions management, community outreach, crisis management planning, safety and health, and biodiversity conservation.