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Cunovo, Bratislava, Slovakia


Member since April 30, 2013

  • Dynamic Systems Product Profile

    Community, Environmental Design


    Hybrid Wind and Solar Generator creates clean renewable energy. Entire surface is comprised of Solar Photovoltaic Cells, ideal for remote locations where portable power is required.

    1. Ener-Tree is a mobile Wind & Solar generator
    2. Can generate electricity day or night
    3. Requires 1/3 the space of a standard flat solar panel
    4. Highly fault tolerant, mechanically robust and reliable
    5. Less expensive to install and maintain than competition
    6. Sleek design keeps electric components out of elements

    The Ener-Tree can be located on any type of surface with minimal anchoring requirements to allow it to be mobile and portable. The combination of wind and solar generation in a single controller will allow the units to be used in Grid Tied or Off Grid applications. There are a number of remote applications that require electricity:

    1. Purification of contaminated water in third world countries
    2. First on Site mobile response in disaster relief zones
    3. Forward deployment of troops support or remote workers
    4. Rural abodes away from the conventional power grid supply
    5. Remote lighting, Advertising, Traffic Lights, Highway Lighting

    The Ener-Tree is the first product to be introduced, and the revenue generated from licensing and sales will be used to fund growth of the other technologies organically. Can be used singly, or grouped together to create "Eco Generating Forest" of Ener-Trees!

    Tower Power

    Tower Power is a unique solution for providing continuous power to remote Microwave and Cellular Communication Towers Off-Grid. The contemplated roll-out of 4-G Networks world wide will result in a huge demand for a cell tower generating solution.

    1. Tower Power can be installed on new or existing infrastructure
    2. Retrofitting of many towers currently in the field is possible
    3. Payback over existing Off-Grid solutions is approximately 1-2 years
    4. Tower growth in North America is forecast at 8% per annum
    5. Most emerging countries do not have a reliable grid infrastructure
    6. Tower Power provides a power solution to global communications

    Remote towers are currently serviced by teams in helicopters to fuel up the generator back-up power supply. This is expensive and inefficient. Tower Power is available up to 10kW with battery back up and alarm to give a window of opportunity to repair the system rather than shutdown.The location and sighting requirements of remote towers, is the perfect environment for DSHI Tower Power, the height and openness of the tower installation is conducive to maximum kinetic energy from the wind and an un-interrupted canopy to capture the maximum amount of solar radiation. As with all DSHI Solutions, Carbon reduction & offset are critical benefits!

    Integrated Hybrid Generator

    The Integrated Hybrid Generator is a unique adaptation of two wind and solar Ener-Trees in combination with a conventional solar panel merged together in an integrated package as a roof top wind deflector.

    1. Roof Mounted Hybrid wind and solar electric generator
    2. 2 Ener-Trees generate electricity from wind-turbines
    3. Centre mounted photovoltaic (PV) generating solar energy
    4. Refrigeration Units on Truck, Ships, Trains
    5. Reduces cost of shipping around the world
    6. Electricity can be used on-board or to power hybrid electric motor

    Recent legislation in North America is mandating that heavy goods vehicles must attain a 50% increase in fuel economy combined with a 50% reduction in the noxious emissions from their diesel engines. DSHI’s Integrated Hybrid Generator will allow the trucking industry to:

    1. Generate green electricity and store in onboard batteries
    2. Swap fully charged batteries for depleted ones at V2G depot
    3. The Vehicle to Grid initiative allows trucks to sell green power
    4. This can offset their carbon footprint or create income stream
    5. Each truck can generate enough power for 3 average homes
    6. With 7.8 million trucks in America, trucking could be the largest single supplier of green electricity in the country!

    This single initiative will have significant benefits in reducing and/or offsetting Carbon emissions in the transportation industry


    At the heart of the THDS is an innovative electric machine known as the Multi-stage Switched Reluctance Motor (MSRM©), proven to be more efficient, economical and maintenance free than any other motor on the market today. The MSRM will not only replace large diesel and gas engines, but is powerful enough to replace the transmission or gearbox these drive trains require to increase torque.

    1. high starting torque for moving heavy equipment and loads
    2. higher efficiency than induction or permanent magnet designs superior torque/speed matching
    3. highly fault tolerant, mechanically robust and reliable
    4. less expensive to manufacture than competitive electric motors
    5. highly flexible design can be used from 1hp to 500hp or more can replace both the diesel engine and transmission in heavy trucks and buses, reducing cost and vastly improving ease of driving

    DSI’s MSRM© is one of the simplest, most reliable and efficient electric motors currently being developed; and unlike comparable induction or permanent magnet motors, has no magnets, rotor windings, slip rings, brushes or other parts that increase complexity and reduce service life. In addition, this simple motor can easily transform into a robust, reliable generator for use in wind turbines, hydro electric and solar energy. DSHI has a 37% investment in DSI.

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