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Katherine Granger

Woodland Hills, CA, United States

Member since April 29, 2013

  • Racing horse trainers responsibilities normally include making sure all the horses placed within their stables received proper care daily. This involves the supervision of numerous areas like healthy nutrition, proper veterinary care as well as the most important aspect of all, routinely exercising them. These tasks all work together to make certain that these thoroughbred horses are effectively prepared for races.

    These skilled individuals need to handle each aspect of training their mounts and their responsibilities also include scheduling the exercise programs, carefully selecting appropriate races for the horses to enter, utilizing what is know as the conditioning book. Furthermore, they give the jockeys advice on what strategy has been set up for specific races. Besides this a trainer will also have to supervise stable employees as well as make decisions as to routine things that need to be done such as farrier services etc.

    It is necessary that these individuals are also capable of recognizing equine injuries. Similarly they should know how to prevent and treat any injury that may occur. In order to do this accurately it is important that a basic knowledge of equine physiology and anatomy has been obtained.

    Drug testing means that a trainer has to be familiar with various medications and have to know how much time it takes for these to clear the horse's blood. If this is miss timed and a positive test is found after any race the owners will face fines and even suspen...

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