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Natalie Marco


Member since April 29, 2013

  • Residents living on the most eco-friendly social housing development in the UK are reporting massive reductions in energy bills.

    Sinclair Meadows was launched six months ago and already, the average costs have been cut by seventy five per cent. Fiona Trott visited the complex in South Shields to find out how they do it.

    One of the first things you notice at Sinclair Meadows is the smell. It's a light woody smell coming from the timber clad homes which are facing the sun. The solar panels are also soaking it up and along with a boiler that runs on recycled wood pellets, these twenty one properties have all the energy they need.

    Inside, the toilets use rainwater and there are vents which take in a room's heat and re-distribute it around the home.

    But it's not just science which is apparently making this social scheme work, it's the attitude of the people who live here too. Their behaviour is even being monitored by Northumbria University. It's a living human experiment.

    At one of the ground floor flats, Dot and Brian Wilson are out gardening. They're the couple on the complex with the green fingers and were chosen from five hundred applicants because of their environmental awareness. "We've got some leeks, onions, cauliflower and we're going to get some peppers and peas too" Dot explains. I asked her what it feels like to be part of a grand experiment. She laughs with delight, "I've always wanted to live in an eco-friendly home and I never thought I'd be abl...


    Biomasse-Kessel behandelt wirtschaftliche Belange

    Die Kesselanlage wurde entworfen, um hervorzuheben, wie Biomasse verringern oder beseitigen die Nutzung fossiler Brennstoffe kann. Besucher können sehen, dass den Kessel durch speziell Windows zu betreiben. In der Halle außerhalb der Heizungsraum, der Lärm Ebene und ambient Temperatur steht im Einklang mit dem Rest des Gebäudes. Brennstoff-Kosten wurden um zwei Drittel gesenkt. Verdichtetes Pucks werden mit fast keine verbleibende Asche verwendet; schließlich jedoch werden Baumischabfälle aus Ketchikan-Wanderwege gemahlen und in der Kessel überflüssig für den Transport zu einer Deponie, brennen und andere Methoden der Entsorgung zugeführt.

    Zenai Swains beachten Sie "Die Firma Krone Ca..."

    Die Kommission von Umweltaktivisten Prognose 3 Billionen Euro würde bis 2050 auf ihre grüne Revolution Kampagne-EU Energie zu generieren fast völlig CO2-frei. Die Energie-Verschiebung entstünde bereits rund eine halbe million zusätzliche Arbeitsplätze bis 2020, Crown Forscher vom Deutschen Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt DLR, die auch spezialisiert auf Energie und Verkehr, gefunden. Es ist gesetzlich geregelt, um sicherzustellen, dass 20 Prozent des Energie-Mixes als Teil einer Reihe von drei wichtigsten Umweltziele im besagten Jahr grün ist. Aber es muss noch Einigung über verbindliche Ziele 2020, obwohl die Notwendigke...


    BERLIN – A group of homeowners gathered at Tea Birds Restaurant Tuesday night to celebrate the end of their addiction to home heating oil. "Every time the oil truck goes by, I smile," said Marie Canning.

    Canning's home is one of 36 Berlin homes that has or is in the process of replacing its oil burner with a high efficiency wood pellet boiler. It is estimated the 36 homeowners combined will save more than $50,000 a year in heating costs.

    In addition to saving money, the homeowners are also proving that switching to a local renewable energy source helps the local economy and the environment. The project is expected to have a $200,000 annual impact on the local economy.

    The homeowners participated in the Model Neighborhood Project, which subsidized the purchase and installation of the boilers. Launched in the fall of 2011 by the Northern Forest Center, Berlin Better Buildings, and Maine Energy Systems, the goal was to install 40 pellet boilers in Berlin homes. "Berlin has proven that this technology works, that we can use local wood to replace foreign oil, that we can spend our heating dollars locally and support jobs in the local forest industry," said Rob Riley, president of the Northern Forest Center.

    Mike Wilson, senior program director at the Northern Forest ...

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    Judge Recognizes Turbine Property Devaluation

    Court allows for future lawsuits against wind companies, host landowners

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    West Lincoln residents who oppose the construction of industrial wind turbines in their community are pinning their hopes on a recent provincial court ruling.

    While the ruling won’t prevent the storeys-high concrete giants from being built in West Lincoln, it will give “non-participating neighbours” an opportunity to protect themselves should their property values plummet. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has determined that while residents of Clearview Township cannot bring claims for a proposed industrial wind project at this time, the ruling is “without prejudice to the plaintiffs’ rights to commence an action for identical or similar relief when and if the Fairview Wind Project receives the necessary approvals to be constructed.”

    The court has specifically recognized that claims against wind companies and against landowners who agree to host wind turbines are possible as soon as projects receive approval.

    “There are many people who have been waiting to see how the courts would respond to these types of claims,” said lawyer Eric Gillespie, whose firm acts for the plaintiffs in the actions. “It now seems clear that as soon as a project is approved residents can start a claim. This appears to be a major step forward for people with concerns about industrial w...

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