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Diane Howard

Indianapolis, IN, United States

Member since April 26, 2013

  • How To Create An Excellent Web Design

    Communication, Industrial Design

    For companies, it is a given for them to advertise themselves so that clients can find them. One of the best places for them to advertise themselves it the Internet. This is where the web design Upper Marlboro will come in. He needs to have his own business website to promote his own products or services.

    There are some rules that he needs to follow when it comes to this. The first one will have to do something about the graphics. It is a common rule that when it comes to using the graphics, the person should consider using those with smaller sizes compared to those with bigger ones. If the graphics are too big, it will take a longer time for the site to load.

    For the graphics, always make sure that it fits the content of the website. A photo showing how a dog is groomed does not suit a website meant for pest control. He should make use of related photos to bring out the nature of the business, product, or services that the website represents.

    He should remember to stick to images that do not blink, flash, rotate, or change. If he is going to make use of them, he should see to it that he does so sparingly. If these images fill the entire website, then he is only encouraging the reader's to seek out these pictures and not the content of the website he is promoting.

    He should think about the layout of the site as well. When it comes to this matter, there is a standard that he should be following. While it might be appeal to make use of those cute and trendy layouts, it will...

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