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kathy yang

arizona , phenix, United States


Member since April 26, 2013

  • Abney Associates: CIB arrests hacker for stealing personal info

    Communication, Environmental Design

    CIB arrests hacker for stealing personal info

    TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) has arrested a suspect, surnamed Pan, for allegedly stealing over 10,000 people's personal information through an email scam by claiming to be from the Bureau of National Health Insurance. According to the CIB, Pan sent out emails with an attachment that contained a program allowing him to retrieve detailed personal information from the computers of those who downloaded the file. The CIB said that after victims downloaded the program, Pan was able to monitor and browse their computers and copy any files to his own computer. Pan tested his program numerous times before making it able to avoid detection by anti-virus software, according to the CIB. Pan also used the “advanced persistent threat” to attract people to download the program, the CIB said.

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