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Albertha Hunter

Patagonia, AZ, United States

Member since April 25, 2013

  • Learn Information About Hair Extensions

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Hair extensions were once a well-kept secret amongst the elite and entertainment world. However, due to the manufacturers lowering the prices over time, and thanks to word of mouth, they are now much more accessible to the general public. They are ideal for individuals who want to add volume, length, or a change to their natural strands. Finding the right one can often depend on knowing what to look for and what to consider consider, as well as knowing what might be the right type for you personally.

    These accessories have been in use throughout Hollywood and with the elite for quite some time. They eventually became less expensive and more talked about, making them more accessible to the general public. Since then, more options have become available, and different techniques and applications can be used to apply pieces. Because different methods, materials, and levels of quality can vary, so can the pricing.

    This type of appliance can be used and applied in several ways. A lot will depend on what kind of material is used, along with what type of piece is chosen. Extensions come in various styles, colors, and sizes. Some types may come in small sections, while others may come larger. Choosing the right kind will depend on your natural tresses, goals, and the experience of the stylist.

    Numerous methods can be used in order to apply the pieces. However, this will vary on the stylist and the material being used. Some common methods include braiding, fusion, clips, and netting...

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