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  • Environmental Agency Uncovers Shocking Alleged Corruption Scam at India's National Solar Mission

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Environmental Agency Uncovers Shocking Alleged Corruption Scam at India's National Solar Mission | Craiglist India’s Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission is touted as the country’s most ambitious attempt to switch to a more sustainable path of development. This mission is one of the world’s largest publicly funded renewable energy programs and aims to generate 22,000 MW of solar power by 2022. The National Solar Mission also strives to reduce the cost of solar energy and promote the manufacturing of solar technology in India by encouraging transparency and competition in the sector.

    In order to achieve these goals, the first phase of the mission, which aims to commission 1000MW of grid-connected solar power projects by 2013, set a limit on the number of projects that could be alloted to a single company, in order to allow a greater number of companies to participate in the scheme. However, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a non-government environmental agency, has announced that they have discovered a case of shocking corruption where one major private power company acquired much more stake than legally allowed.

    The CSE reports that this company was awarded nine of the projects, and a quarter of the MW allocation to be derived from solar radiation by floating front companies to evade government regulations. While the company’s name only appears in two projects, the CSE alleges that it owns a 99% share in seven other companies that were awarded projects. The CSE also notes that the company in question is assured revenues of Rs 13,000 crore over the next 25 years through consumer subsidies. Crown Capital Eco Management | ARCGIS Crown Capital Eco Management | Forum

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