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  • REsolved teams with biomass installer

    Community, Industrial Design


    Energy consultants REsolved renewables, part of the ADAS group, has formed a partnership with biomass installer Rural Energy to offer expert consultation and boiler installation to rural businesses considering a sustainable heating system.

    A statement announcing the partnership said: "Biomass fuel from wood chip or pellets can be used to heat a wide range of non-domestic buildings in rural areas. It is substantially cheaper in comparison to oil and gas and its heat can also be controlled via a software system, which is of particular importance for poultry farmers who need periods of concentrated heating."

    Chris Procter, principal consultant at REsolved renewables, explained that the partnership worked with businesses by employing a "highly developed" screening process. "This allows our consultants to identify sites, and Rural Energy's installation team to ensure the boiler is the right specification for a bespoke fit.

    "There has been a lot of activity in the biomass market in the past 12 months because of the government RHI, but Rural Energy works only towards the right fit for the customer and not merely for the supplement."

    Rural Energy has an exclusive supply contract for the UK with Austrian boiler manufacturer Herz Valves UK and offers a full range of boiler sizes, using either wood chip or pellets, to businesses on the grid.

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