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edoardo perri

milano, Italy

Designer (Product Design)

Member since October 30, 2007

  • Whomade / giving the word to products

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    CHI SIAMO / please to meet you

    WHOMADE is a design brand of products that grows from the experience and the creative premises of; a brand with a strong attitude and sensibility towards sustainable matters, cross-cultural design, fair-trade and cooperation in development. WHOMADE is a quality mark that founds itself on and promotes criteria of cultural sustainability, for an ethics of beauty and a new culture of material and products. WHOMADE is a communication project addressed to the creative and commercial world that starts developing a different approach in the conception and promotion of objects, for a new product's landscape able to represent social relations and to carry values, ideas, emotions.

    whomade / the products talk

    IN COSA CREDIAMO / design matters

    We believe in a world of possible beautiful things and we want to reveal their soul together with their collective meaning. We believe that beauty is meaningful if only linked to an ethic and that the WHOMADE products, born in the crossroads of different cultures and creativities, can talk about this kind of beauty with their shapes, their materials and their story. Through our products, we want to draw a journey between human experiences, values and different traditions, to experiment new ways of conceiving, discovering and living the object.

    COSA VOGLIAMO / new visions

    We want to develop a new understanding: a very personal view on products able to transmit the values of a human experience. Products are for us the meeting points between cultures that dialogue, create together and evolve; the place to make ours a new notion of material use, starting and arrival point of a renewed sense for beauty as an ethic and an aesthetic value together. WHOMADE works to promote and value the cultural aspects of products, to enhance the sustainable values towards which they inspire themselves and to nourish an holistic vision of beauty in which we can discover anew the object as meeting point and dialogue between diverse experiences, languages and traditions.

    COME AGIAMO / we are different

    The WHOMADE mark begins itself by setting an interrogation, in the search for a new narrative of products. Our products talk and are able to tell us their story; from the creative plots that gave them shape and meaning, to the hands that have created them. WHOMADE designs communication tools able to value those stories: from experiences along sustainability, to cultural exchanges, to innovation and contextualization of traditions. WHOMADE places its own collections in selected places (art galleries, extra-ordinary shops, cultural events) and, by promoting specific activities, works for the diffusion of a renewed material culture enhancing the narrative of objects, from their creation and production, until commercialization and final use. WHOMADE helps and works with designers, artisans, associations, enterprises and distribution channels to promote the sustainable dimension of products, with its strong multi-modal approach in the communication strategy.

    IL MONDO WHOMADE / friendly connections

    WHOMADE is an initiative launched and supported by, and it is from the premises and the experiences of the organization that the idea of the brand took shape. WHOMADE is an open project and includes people through a series of events for meeting and exchange, workshops and exhibitions, to extend its own vision, share its experiences and build up a network of common resources for a new generation of objects. WHOMADE is born as an initiative receptive towards the different existing realities working along topics of sustainability, cross-cultural design, environmental awareness, fair-trade, cooperation in development, cultural promotion, micro-entrepreneurial cultures and new creative communities.

    whomade / the products talk

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