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Molly Hyde

Milwaukee, WI, United States

Member since April 20, 2013

  • Most women have a shoe fetish that keeps them buying pair after pair of shoes. Shoes and perhaps become the main accessory they have but they not other accessories like necklaces, earrings and others. The goal should be to have a selection of accessories that is well coordinated. Exotic handmade jewelry is especially a good choice and it is versatile enough to work with different types of outfits.

    One such item is rings. There are those made of precious metals such as gold and silver that are usually formal rings such as wedding and engagement rings. There are also dress rings and these are the ones that you can play around with and mix and match with outfits. Also known as cocktail rings, they are mostly large and brightly colored. Handmade ones have large colorful rings attached to it or colorful strings of beads.

    The toes can also be jazzed up with toe-rings. There are simple ones that are made with hand twisted wire and there are those that a small stone or bead added to them. They add a touch of fun and color to the lower digits.

    Anklets add pizzazz to shoes, when worn in a color similar to that of the shoes or in a contrasting shade. Thin ones can slim a thick angle and chunky ones can have the opposite effect for skinny ones. A beaded pair would work well with casual shoes or three-quarter length pants to show it off.

    Another not so common accessory is the belly chain. Those made of gold and silver can sit shimmer enticingly beneath an evening made of sheer fabric ...

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