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Hasse Honey


Member since April 18, 2013

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    We all hear this often, laughter is the best medicine. Despite the fact that this may be an old saying, it still holds as true up to present. Laughter grants a lot of health benefits. And what makes it a lot better, best of all, it is free and easy.

    Laughter helps to unite people going through difficult times this is according to It can be able to also mend feelings of defeat and resentment, make anger softer, and generally help people become resilient or even losing someone. The therapeutic effortlessness of a soft smile or a hearty belly laugh has more of benefits than what was mentioned. It is much like of an exercise, there are many benefits plus the physical benefits of laughter can last for hours.

    These helpful gains may aid to:

    Brighten mental clarity
    Reduce blood pressure
    Spark the immune system
    Relax muscles and ease digestion
    Release endorphins to dampen pain
    Boost oxygen levels to the brain and circulatory system

    As a universal lingo, laughter is capable of also building social ties and dispersing anxiety. It smooths the progress of relationship and permits attachments while dropping social fear factors. Steve Wilson, Director of National Humor Month and Founder of The World Laughter Tour, started an international happiness epidemic in laughter clubs and outreach programs led by Certified Laughter Leaders. His methodology “utilizes a systematic activity approach that is based on a foundation of both ancient practices and modern medical s...

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