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andrew bindi

Virgin Islands (U.S.)


Member since April 04, 2013


    In these days of social media and instant messaging, the importance of customer satisfaction can hardly be overstated. Just one accident is enough for customers to start a national or global boycott. But keep them satisfied and that “thumbs up” is worth its weight in platinum. From a marketing perspective, there is nothing more valuable than a satisfied customer.

    We all know that it is easier, cheaper and wiser to keep our customers rather than win new customers and lose them. It is human nature to build relationships: with people, communities, clubs… and brands. If the owners of the brands build those customer-relationships with respect, care and attention, they stand to gain. Against the socio-economic backdrop of Indonesia’s growing consumer economy, these awards aren’t a day too early.

    To celebrate Indonesia’s best, Roy Morgan Research held its inaugural Customer Satisfaction Awards night last Thursday at the Financial Hall of Graha CIMB Niaga in downtown Jakarta. A total of 30 awards were given away, over a 3-course dinner. The support for this new award was overwhelming, a sign of the importance given to customer satisfaction by many of Indonesia’s biggest and best companies. Picking up the first award of the night was Emirsyah Satar, the head of Garuda Indonesia who were the clear winner in the “Domestic Airline of the Year” category. They had the unique distinction of picking up the best “International Airline” aw...