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toffie dwayne

new south wales, new south wales, Australia

business blogging

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    the avanti group review articles, G20 could step up fight against tax evasion

    WASHINGTON: The Group of 20 leading economies could step up the battle against tax evasion using offshore accounts in its meetings on Thursday and Friday, officials said.

    The G20 is expected to weigh endorsing a global effort to force banks to automatically share information with countries seeking to tax their nationals holding secret offshore accounts — an effort that could deal a blow to tax havens like the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Switzerland and others.

    It remained unclear how far the G20 will go. At least the United States and France are said to be hoping for a strong endorsement.

    But even continued discussion will confirm how far a once-disdained effort by the United States alone to collect taxes on US nationals’ offshore accounts has expanded and gained support among other major economies, especially those facing large holes in their budgets.

    “The issue is to go as far as possible,” said one European official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    the avanti group review articles, G20 could step up fight against tax evasion

  • Japan's Nikkei jumps 2 pct on exporters, recovers from Cyprus blow/SHELFARI/SODAHEAD Blog The Avanti Group

    • Exporters and financials gain
      • Cyprus parliament to vote on bailout later on Tuesday
      • Underlying trend still bullish- analysts
      • TPP should be positive for Japanese equities - analyst By Ayai Tomisawa TOKYO, March 19 (Reuters) - Japan's Nikkei average rebounded 2 percent on Tuesday, regaining some ground lost in the previous session as fears receded that a controversial bailout proposal for Cyprus could reignite the euro zone crisis. Analysts said that the disruption to the Japanese market from the unusual bailout plan for Cyprus seems to have run its course, although the Japanese equities market is prone to volatility because it is vulnerable to a rise in the yen when global market uncertainty increases. "It looks like the bailout issue will be contained in Cyprus itself and it probably won't spread to the euro zone. As the Japanese market was rallying lately, Monday's selling served as a good opportunity for correction," said Yutaka Miura, a senior technical analyst at Mizuho Securities. "But European debt issues will likely take years to be resolved, and we need to be prepared for a sell-off like this again as the Japanese market could easily get hit by a strong yen when investors buy the yen." The Nikkei added 247.60 points to 12,468.23 afte...