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  • Tisme_132_

    Thanks to anyone who sent prayers and light to this issue. It still continues but on home turf,

    Signing off Happy New You! 12/28/07

  • Monpetitechou0186_132_

    N'Djamina,The reason Zoe's Ark Charity workers have begun a hunger strike is they feel abandoned by the French Government and are concerned they will not receive a fair trial.

    Former President Jimmy Carter has just returned from Darfur. He has been traveling with a group called "the Elders". They are attempting to negotiate a peace agreement.

    200,000 Darfurians have been killed. 2.3 Million have been displaced out of their homes.

  • I am reminded of the movie, Ground Hog Day as I read or listen to news that isn't 'New" and so called "Alerts" that have the same *old *information, said over and over, for days, weeks and months.This Design 21 group has given me some hope and enthusiasm to keep creating art and to see what influence design has during this time of violent world conflict. I am pleased to see so many bright lights (brighter than led lights). I am inspired.

    LIGHT to all

  • Pi5send1_132_

    What does being considerate of a purpose that would serve the highest good for all concerned, mean to the people who decide to inhilate huge groups of human beings? Why are so many of us enduring the obvious inhumane treatment of our fellows. I've heard statements like, "Africa is so far away" or "I had no idea about the building of an oil pipeline in Darfur." Someone I know just returned from Darfur and said the situation is getting much worse for any of the Charity groups to assist in bringing aid to refugees.

    Genocide is not the answer.

    My design for creating inner and outer peace is to ask for only that that is for the highest good of all concerned be brought forward. A good way for creative people to live life!

    My prayer is to endure until the end.

    Peace be still

  • File0078_177_

    Peace be with us.

  • Orphans, oil, Darfur

    Poverty, Communication Design


    Darfur is in conflict. The only morsel of hard to find World news. The developement of the oil pipe line will bring more Military intervention into Darfur. Darfur is larger than Iraq. YouTube has some documentaries and videos available for viewing.

    This will divide the nation and as a result of this poverty and starvation will occur. We know this has begun with mass genocides. HBO will be airing a documentary next week on Darfur. Gearge Clooney is responsible for bringing this to our attention.

  • Orphans continued:

    Aid, Environmental Design

    Charity workers (Zoe's Arc) remain in prison and have been in Darfur and Chad since mid October, 07. The prison has graphiti on the walls, no windows and stone slabs for beds. Two of the Zoe's Arc Charity workers are women.

    YouTube has some videos about this although no mention of the groups current state of health and well being. The 74 Year Old Belgian Pilot had a heart attack due to exteme dehydration. He was air lifted to a hospital. I'm finding the media reporting that this group was involved in "selling" children," in child trafficing and kidnapping, these words come from the officials of Chad.

    Where are reports about Zoe's Arc's intentions of rescuing these children and how can these 6 people be heard above the rumble of false accusations and curses. Words that have caused riots outside of the prison.

    I am holding a clear focus that this group will be able to return home to France for trial. Has anyone been following this issue? What can be done to assist the children of this war-torn area as well as other refugee areas of the world.

  • Invisible Orphans

    Aid, Environmental Design


    The social theme that describes my Blog is the situation in the world of Children in orphanages. The most dramatice is that of Sudan and war-torn Darfur. Has anyone been keeping up with the 6 Zoe's Arc Charity members imprisoned in Chad, Africa?

    Do you think this will impact those that are assisting and giving thier time, money and putting their body's on the line? Such as a Minister friend of mine?

Make it a habit to be loyal to the activities that serve the highest part of yourself. John-Roger

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