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Arvind Lodaya

Bangalore, India

Strategic Design, 3-Dimensional Design

Member since October 26, 2007

  • Can designers ever be humble?

    Arts & Culture

    In response to A lack of design knowledge, posted by David Carlson,
    in the thread A lack of design knowledge

    In every design school I've been to, designers are exhorted as the solution to most of the world's problems. Creativity and innovation is held up as the saviour of humanity. And each student is given to believe that she or he is the chosen one. How can this sustain? How many new ideas would actually succeed? How many unsuccessful ideas would it take for one successful idea? How much junk, clutter and waste do we contribute to creating? No one, bar the odd Victor Papanek, bothers to ask these questions. No one tries to contextualize the world to students in a realistic way, telling them: "Not every one of us is a genius. Designers aren't the only ones with ideas, nor even the best-qualified ones. We all must do what we have to do, but let us keep the greater good of the planet and all its people always in view."

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