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Roseann Gallegos

Miami, FL, United States

Member since March 22, 2013

  • Personal injury cases are not easy to win because of their complicated nature. You therefore need to identify and establish the most effective manner of working with the best lawyer fin order to win. Remember that most insurance companies will get the best attorneys who have no sympathy or empathy and all they want is to protect their employers from paying you. Here is the most effective method of working with your Reno personal injury attorney in order to win your case.

    You need to gather all the possible evidence you can collect for your case and present it to your attorney. For example, letters of contract, photos at your place of work and workplace policy among others if the accident took place at your factory. Remember that all information must be factual and present the real situation as it occurred when you got injured.

    It is critical that you know the model of operations for the lawyer. Remember that he is not just handling your case alone. Therefore, let him tell you when you are needed to attend the court proceedings or provide additional information. In most of the cases, it is the lawyer who will attend the court proceedings and you will not need to be present. However, he must update you on every step.

    If other legal practitioners might be required for your case, emphasize that that will not be your financial responsibility. Remind the lawyer that it is him you have hired and that if he finds it necessary to strengthen the case, your possible financial input s...

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