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bell harper

United Kingdom

Member since March 21, 2013

  • Burning fossil fuels emits polluting agents into the air. Emission limits are set for operators of combustion facilities, which represent the highest concentrations of pollutants the operator can emit into the air.

    Technological solution Three boilers labeled K1, K2, and K3 are the main equipment in this process. Boiler K1 was installed in 1961, followed by boiler K2 in 1962, and boiler K3 in 1968. The total heat output of the equipment is 192 MW. Boilers K1, K2, and K3: Boilers K1 and K2 with their heat output of 63.7 MW each and boiler K3 with its output of 64,3 MW have nearly the same parameters. The type G 65 boilers were built by ČKD – Tatra Kolín. The boiler is a, single-drum construction with natural water circulation and direct coal dust injection into the burners. It is equipped with a steam condenser, a two-stage water heater, a convection steam heater, a radiant steam heater, and an air heater. With a maximum output of 65t/h, the steam produced from the three boilers is funneled into a common pipe. Air for combustion is supplied by two ventilators. The main fuel is granulated brown coal and some biomass compounds can be added to the combustion mix (i.e. flax or hemp briquettes and other S2 and S1 biomass products). Light heating oil is used as a stabilizing fuel with pressure-spray burners. Exhaust is led into a common flue used for all three boilers. The following are the emission limits for boilers K1, K2, and K3 according to the valid integrated permits: Emissi...

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