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    Author: Hanlie Liebenberg Enslin on behalf of National Association for Clean Air (NACA )Public awareness around air pollution has increased dramatically over the past decade. For many years, air quality management remained on the back burner of environmental policies, mainly because air pollution is not always visible and not restricted by geographical boundaries. In most instances it is not easy to trace the source of pollution, and especially so for air pollution.

    Air pollution is a product of both natural and manmade activities. The latter derives from industrial operations, transportation, household fuel burning, waste treatment, mining and agriculture. Natural sources of air pollution include wild fires (although sometimes started by humans), wind-blown dust, sea spray, pollen and ash (and other pollutants) from volcanic eruptions. Once emitted into the air, pollutants are transported and dispersed over space and time, directed by wind speed and wind direction. Other weather conditions also influence the way pollution is dispersed and removed from the air. Temperature influences the rise of pollution plumes whereas rainfall will wash the pollution out. All these factors play a part in transporting and diluting pollutants. Our main concern with air pollution is the amount of pollution that eventually reaches ground level, where it is then inhaled by humans.

    Various respiratory and other health problems are associated with the inhalation of polluted air. These pollutant...

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