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James David Morgan

Boston, MA, United States

Designer (Web Design)

Member since October 26, 2007

  • Groundswell Talks with Critical Art Ensemble.

    Arts & Culture


    The Groundswell Blog is pleased to announce a new series of interviews with artists called "Groundswell Talks." With this semi-regular spot, we aim to give audience to the best voices in art and activism. Check in regularly for talks with artists from around the globe.

    Critical Art Ensemble, a self-described "freelance cultural research wing for the anti-authoritarian left," has found new ways to resist the current political climate, and pursue civil disobedience through tactical media, bio-tech demonstrations, and DIY publications. They redefine the old ways of trespass and blockage, reminding us that the best ways of subversion are decentralized, and nomadic, transient and terminal.

    Their philosophy and strategy is obviously unfriendly to authority, and CAE founder Steve Kurtz has been dealt an unreasonable and unfair blow as a result. He faces federal charges for supposedly illegally obtaining bacteria samples, which he was using for a CAE project. A fund has been established to aid his defense.

    We discussed their general approach and the response to the Kurtz trial in a short interview with CAE via e-mail.

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