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James David Morgan

Boston, MA, United States

Designer (Web Design)

Member since October 26, 2007

  • Does Art Open Minds?

    Arts & Culture


    John Robertson’s work helps him clarify his thinking about political issues; he’s not out to change your mind. Informed by Susan Sontag’s Regarding the Pain of Others, he finds that images might move one to sympathy, but are impotent in moving one to action. It’s a question fundamental to how we proceed with our work, and one we’ve briefly addressed before. Now, though, we’d like to hear from you.

    In discussion with John, I asked whether he’d be willing to have us do a feature on his piece, that asks whether art opens minds.

    For the next week, the floor is yours. We’ll post a summary of your thoughts on Friday, February 29, and will be back to regular postings in March.

    So, what do you think - does art open minds?

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Co-Founder of The Groundswell Collective

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