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  • The Southwood Norsemytho Group: 'Balupu' Review Roundup

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    Tollywood actor Ravi Teja's "Balupu" has won positive reviews from critics, despite the film being termed as a stereotypical pot boiler.

    Directed by Gopichand Malineni, "Balupu" is a commercial cinema which has all the key elements that one would expect from a Ravi Teja film - action, punch dialogues, romance, comedy and songs.

    Ravi (Ravi Teja) is a bank recovery agent and lives with his father Prakash Raj. His father wants Ravi to get married and is on the lookout for a bride. On the other hand, heroine Shruti (Shruti Haasan) and her uncle Crazy Mohan (Brahmanandam) victimise teenage guys in the name of love.

    Ravi Teja's friend (played by Rajesh) is one of Shruti's victims. Ravi wants to avenge for his friend's loss of money and plans to dupe the duo. In the process, Shruti and Ravi fall in love with each other. Shruti is already engaged to Sesh Adivi. But Shruti's father played by Nassar agrees to get her married to Ravi.

    In parallel track, Poorna (Ashutosh Rana) is on the hunt for two people named Shankar and Nanaji. With the entry of Poorna, shocking truths about Ravi and his father are revealed. The father-son duo has a violent past. The second half of the film takes us to the flashback scenes which also involves Anjali. What is the truth about the Ravi and his father? What role does Anjali have? All these are answered as the film progresses towards the end.

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  • Swg5

    Southwood Norsemytho Group Review Articles Prepare to be amazed... and amused... and totally blown away! Andrew Lane, author of the top teen series Young Sherlock Holmes, has again found inspiration in the work of Arthur Conan Doyle, but zoom forward over 100 years, add some terrific techno wizardry, a cast of delightful misfits, a bit of yeti hunting and, hey presto, you have a thrilling 21st century take on the great man’s masterpiece, The Lost World.And this is not just the first of another run-of-the-mill children’s series... Lost Worlds is a brilliant pastiche of old and new, a bang up-to-date adventure yarn in which computer gadgetry to impress the young and confound the not-so-young jostles with the traditional ingredients of action, suspense and danger. And if that wasn’t enough, Lane throws in some entertaining plot twists, brilliant teen banter, cleverly cloaked lessons in history, palaeontology and genetics, and an unforgettable robot called ARLENE who threatens to steal the show. Calum Challenger is not like any other teenager – and that’s not just because his great-grandfather was Professor George Edward Challenger whose explorations in South America are the stuff of legend. Sixteen-year-old Calum’s life changed forever two years ago when a devastating accident left both his parents dead and his legs paralysed. A massive compensation pay-out has financed his own flashy London apartment where he surrounds himself with a multi-screen, high-definition, hex-cor...

  • Southwood Norsemytho Group Book

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    Fra for 2012 tar thriller debutroman biomedisinsk vitenskapsmann Erec Stebbins-The Ragnarok konspirasjon ( leseren til en verden som ristet og rørt. Denne romanen er om en vestlige terroristorganisasjon forsøk på å egge en global krig med den islamske verden, en gruppe av FBI og CIA-agenter arbeide sammen for å avdekke og stoppe deres tomten. Ragnarok konspirasjonen følger to hovedpersonene, en "amerikansk Bin Laden" og en FBI-agent, som begge lider et forferdelig tap på 9/11, men clash over hvordan du svare på terrorist trusler fra radikalisert muslimer.

    Det er historien om to menn som deler en traumatisk tap i hendene på muslimske ekstremister, og likevel ta to til slutt divergerende spor etterpå. En mann, John Savas, kanaler hans smerte å bli en av landets ledende, hvis uortodokse, FBI mot terrorisme offiserer. Den andre bruker sin betydelig rikdom og makt til å bli en amerikansk Osama bin Laden tilsvarende, og er antagonist av historien som planer og setter i gang en global konflikt med den muslimske verden. Mye som den endelige Armageddon i norrøn mytologien, er disse to skjebnebestemt til å møte av i en endelig kamp over sjelen av sivilisasjon og skjebnen til verden.

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