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Edith Head

Toledo, OH, United States

Member since March 18, 2013

  • There are various wedding venues Oklahoma couples can choose from. This makes it easy as people with varied tastes and style can all find something that suits them. The problem most individuals face is lack of information on what to consider when choosing a suitable location. Below is a list of the most important items that should guide your decision.

    Consider whether you want the ceremony and the reception in the same or different locations. This is what will determine your choice, as these are the most important parts of a wedding. If you are getting married at your local church, but you want the party somewhere else, then you have to ensure that it is easy to connect the two places.

    Consider your budget. Your choices on most issues will be limited by the amount of money you have to spend. Ensure that you balance your books. Do not go for a location that is too expensive for you. One can still get a wonderful place without spending extravagantly. The position of the venue will probably affect the cost, especially if it is close to an urban center.

    Look at the number of guest on your list. You have to ensure that the capacity of the place you choose can accommodate all those who will be attending. It is hardly possible for all those you have invited to attend. You can then base you judgment on the about three-quarters of the total number. However, you have to consider the type of person you are as this estimate can disappoint you.

    Choose a location that reflects your the...

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