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Sheena Pure


Designer (Journalism)

Member since March 18, 2013

  • Southwood NorseMytho Group - The Ragnarok Conspiracy

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    From the 2012 debut thriller novel of biomedical scientist Erec Stebbins –The Ragnarök Conspiracy ( the reader takes to a world like shaken and stirred. This novel is about a Western terrorist organization attempting to instigate a global war with the Islamic world, a group of FBI and CIA agents work together to uncover and stop their plot. The Ragnarök Conspiracy follows two main characters, an “American Bin Laden” and an FBI agent, who both suffer a terrible loss on 9/11, but clash over how to respond to terrorist threats from radicalized Muslims.

    It’s the story of two men who share a traumatic loss at the hands of Muslim extremists, and yet take two ultimately divergent paths afterwards. One man, John Savas, channels his pain to become one of the nation’s leading, if unorthodox, FBI counter-terrorism officers. The other uses his considerable wealth and power to become the equivalent of an American Osama bin Laden, and is the antagonist of the story who plans and sets in motion a global conflict with the Muslim world. Much like the final Armageddon of Norse mythology, these two are destined to face off in an ultimate battle over the soul of civilization and the fate of the world.

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