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Amelia Saunders

United Kingdom

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    Lance Denha Law Office

    For over a decade, the future of the federal estate tax has been uncertain. Both Republicans and Democrats have sharply different strategies, with some calling for an increase in federal gift and estate taxes and others advocating for total elimination. Even if you have never done estate planning, this year is a good time to start. Remember that in 2001, Congress increased the estate tax exemption in measured steps until December 31, 2009. Everyone assumed there would be comprehensive reform, but Congress failed to act.

    However, one thing is sure, for the remainder of 2012, each individual can transfer up to $5,120,000 million free of gift tax or leave up to that amount tax-free to anyone he chooses at death. Assuming an individual plans to live through the remainder of the year, the lifetime giving option is the most viable. At the very least, individuals should consider making gifts of their annual exclusion amount ($13,000 per donee in 2012 and increasing to $14,000 as of January 1, 2013) or gifts on an unlimited basis for tuition and/or medical expense payments. Such gifts can be made over and above the gifts that will take advantage of the gift tax exemption.

    Despite having a multitude of gift giving strategies to choose from, many clients are still reluctant to make transfers for various reasons. Whether due to possibly needing the money again or distrusting the beneficiary or the environment the beneficiary oper...

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    Lance Denha Law Office

    Since 1997, Randall A. Denha, formerly a partner at a large and nationally respected law firm, has built his practice on word-of-mouth referrals among both clients and their trusted advisors in the fields of financial services, accounting and legal. Today, Denha & Associates, PLLC, continues to build its practice and reputation from the clients and trusted advisors who demand practical, professional and knowledgeable representation. At Denha & Associates, PLLC, we don’t just respond to a client’s needs.

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    We anticipate them. Because we work hard to understand each client’s business, industry and unique situation, we can be more proactive about protecting their interests. Because we are committed to frequent communication and ready accessibility, we can obtain client input quickly and move forward in an expeditious manner. Because we embrace the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, we can be trusted to do the right thing for every client. We are grateful to our clients and fellow trusted advisors for their confidence in our firm, and for allowing us to build our practice into one of the most respected and trustworthy practices in the area. It may sound cliché, but at Denha & Associates, PLLC we care about our clients. We consider them to be not only our partners in business but a part of our family as well.

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