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Retha Kennedy

Youngstown, OH, United States

Member since March 13, 2013

  • Robert Kissel was one of about 30,000 American expatriates who worked in Hong Kong. Robert got married to Nancy in 1989 after dating for two years. In 1997, the couple moved to Hong Kong with their three children. They lived in the prestigious apartments where other highly paid expats lived with their families. Their rocky marriage led to the murder of the husband in 2003. The subsequent trial was high profile and attracted a lot of media attention.

    In mid 2003, a respiratory epidemic broke out in Hong Kong and many Americans went back home for fear of being affected. Nancy agreed to return to America with the children while her husband held on to his high flying job. It was while she was in the US that she met a man who had been contracted to rewire their home in Vermont.

    The two maintained their relationship on phone and email. Robert became suspicious and hired private investigators. The detective came upon evidence of the affair but failed to produce photos of the lovers. The matter became the subject of violent arguments between Robert and his wife. These arguments piled pressure on the already troubled marriage.

    One Sunday afternoon in November 2003, Nancy made her husband a strawberry milkshake. He took it and drained the glass. The drink was laced with a cocktail of sedatives. When these drugs took effect on Robert, his wife struck him several times on the head till he died. She was all alone in the house at that time. She rolled the body in a carpet which was late...

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