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Phoebe Dione

Gosport, England, United Kingdom


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    Vrije energie-besparende verbeteringen van het huis.

    Worstelt u soms uw huis warm te houden, of uw verwarming facturen betalen?

    Als je met een laag inkomen, of je bepaalde voordelen genieten, kunt u mogelijk recht op vrije verbeteringen van het huis die uw stookkosten - verminderen zal zodat u kunt houden van uw huis warm en gezellig hele jaar.

    De regering wil om ervoor te zorgen dat iedereen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk zich kan veroorloven om hun huis te verwarmen. Betaalbare warmte subsidiefinanciering is voor mensen die het meest, nodig voor energie-besparende verbeteringen zoals nieuwe ketels en isolatie. Als je in aanmerking komt, zijn deze verbeteringen volledig gratis.

    Op Hamilton en Thurston Limited is onze taak om u van informatie voorzien, zodat u controleren kunt om te zien als u in aanmerking voor gratis huisbrandolie upgrades onder betaalbare warmte.

    Nadat u het aanvraagformulier invullen en lijkt het dat u in aanmerking voor betaalbare warmte bijstand, verbinden we dan u met een gerenommeerde en gekwalificeerde betaalbare warmte beoordelaar die in contact te regelen een beoordeling van uw woning.

    Nadat de beoordeling en het verslag zijn voltooid, zal werk beginnen om uw verbeteringen. Deze verbeteringen van het huis zal worden gedaan door erkende installateurs van betaalbare warmte zodat u een hoge kwaliteit, professionele installatie krijgen.

    Wat is betaalbare warmte?

    Betaalbare warmte is een andere naam voor de Home Verwarming kosten reductie ve...

  • 14 Dangerous Emails That Could Be in Your Inbox

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    It's ubiquitous -- "Dialing-For-Dollars" version 3.0: a gateway to irresistible deals; an antidote to loneliness; a pathway to riches (either earned or not); a vehicle for helping those victimized by man-made or natural disasters; a clarion of sensational news; a conduit for memories; the bearer of less than glad tidings from our bank, our boss or our friends at the IRS; and, the cyber pony-express for a cry for help from a friend or relative lost and "penniless" in a foreign land.

    Once the little brother of the telephone, email is now an inescapable part of the communication fabric of our lives -- an important building block of our cyber DNA. And it is being attacked, and ultimately hijacked, repeatedly by those who want to be us so they can more effectively loot us, our families and friends.

    Unlike Jesus and his Apostles, Ivan and his hordes of "phishermen" see us as fish and our personal data as their loaves. The FBI reported an 8.3 percent rise in cybercrime last year. That's 290,000 incidents worth $525 million in financial losses to victims. The average take was $4,573. For your amazement and unbridled reading pleasure, I've compiled an extensive -- though not complete -- list of dangerous emails containing the major phishing scams circulating right now….. Continue reading..

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    The mainland's natural gas sector is a tale of two industries: a downstream distribution business where operators are enjoying record profits thanks to rising gas demand and stable margins and an upstream supply trade whose profit has been seriously eroded by losses on contracts for long-term imports.

    With Beijing dragging its feet on raising the price of gas, the sustainability of the situation whereby resource producers subsidise consumers is increasingly being questioned.

    "While [industry regulator] National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) tries to encourage gas use in China, the gas [supply] chain is increasingly unstable," wrote analysts at American brokerage Sanford C. Bernstein. "The government may not like it, but either gas prices will need to rise or supply and consumption will slow."

    To address worsening air pollution in major cities, Beijing wants to raise gas consumption by an average 16.4 per cent from 2012 levels to 230 billion cubic metres (bcm) by 2015.

    If realised, it would raise the contribution of gas to total primary energy consumption to 7.5 per cent in 2015 from 4.6 per cent in 2011. It would also cut carbon dioxide emissions by 520 million tonnes each year from 2011 to 2015 as less coal would be consumed, according to the 12th five-year plan.

    This amounts to 6.1 per cent of the 8.5 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases emitted by the mainland in 2011, according to estimates by the International Energy Agency,...


    Hong Kong The Haney Group News Article

    Symantec has uncovered a cyber scam duping victims into handing over their financial information using a bogus security guidance web page. The security firm reported uncovering the phishing scam in a blog post on Wednesday. The scam targets its victims using a bogus message masquerading as a security alert from a legitimate, unnamed credit card service provider. "In March, we discovered a phishing site spoofing a popular credit card services company that asked users for confidential information, allegedly for additional security," wrote Symantec's Mathew Maniyara. The message instructed its victims to disclose sensitive banking information that could be used by the attackers to illegally access their finances. "The phishing site prompts users through a three-step procedure for activating their card and adding higher security. The first step asks users for personal and card-related information," wrote Maniyara. "The personal information includes the users' name, date of birth, residential address, phone number, and email address. The card information includes name of bank, name on card, card number, expiration date, and card verification code." Phishing scams and attacks on the financial sector are a growing problem facing the security industry. The attacks range in sophistication, with some targeting the sector with basic, opportunistic phishing messages and others util...

  • Hong Kong businesses may be affected as EU urges tax havens to open their books

    Hong Kong businesses may be affected as EU urges tax havens to open their books In a move with implications for Hong Kong, more tax havens are to open their books under pressure from the European Union. At a meeting on May 13, EU finance ministers may reach an agreement on measures to eradicate tax evasion and tax havens, said Finnish Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen at an international seminar on tax fraud and evasion in Helsinki on Monday, the Finland Times reported. A letter on April 24 by the Irish finance minister, Michael Noonan, and EU tax commissioner Algirdas Semeta urged the European Commission to start talks with five tax havens - Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland - to reveal information. It proposed six other measures, including a package against value-added-tax fraud. "Our common goal should be the rapid adoption of all these measures before the end of June," said the letter. Semeta said: "The EU will be an active partner in seeking automatic exchange of information as the global standard. We will do everything necessary to secure commitments on this at the G8 Summit in June and the G20 Summit in September." China is a member of the G20. Last week the Cayman Islands said it would join a pilot scheme with the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain on automatic exchange of tax information. Cayman Islands Prime Minister Juliana O'Connor-Conn...

  • NZ Tax Revenues Outstrip Forecasts

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    Higher than forecast tax revenues have been welcomed by New Zealand's Finance Minister Bill English, who says the funds are helping underpin an improvement in the Government's finances.

    According to the latest figures, NZD719m (USD150.3m) more than expected was generated during the first eight months of the current financial year. The total tax take now stands at NZD37.6bn. The Government attributes this in part to a higher effective tax rate being paid by those in the workforce, with source deductions NZD266m greater than forecast. Tax from other individuals was also NZD326m above target.

    Revenues also compare favorably with the eight month period to February, 2012. Wage growth, higher effective tax rates, and a rise in goods and service tax receipts all helped drive performance, with revenues up NZD2.2bn year-on-year.

    Controlled government spending and bigger than expected net gains from government investment funds resulted in a NZD4.3bn operating surplus for the eight months to February, 2013. The forecast was for a NZD481m deficit.

    According to English, the Government will now "need to build up sufficient surpluses to provide choices around repaying debt and investing more in priority public services." The economy remains on track to return to surplus by 2014/15, he added.

  • The Rich Haney Group

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    Når det kommer til køber eller sælger ejendom, det er ikke altid svært at få oplysninger, men det er vigtigt at få gode råd om hvad man skal gøre med disse oplysninger. Det er, hvor erfaring og professionalisme gør en stor forskel i din ejendomshandel professionel. Vi har arbejdet sammen i denne marketplace til næsten 14 år. Vi kender kvartererne, skolerne, transport-korridorer, parker, butikker, restauranter og folk. Vi ved, hvordan du gør tingene ske. Vores mål - altid - er at hjælpe vores klienter træffe gode beslutninger. Om du har købt og solgt mange egenskaber eller blot nogle få, eller ingen overhovedet, du kan være behagelig, når du arbejder med os, at vi har været der før, og vi vil hjælpe dig med at forstå processen. Vi har hjulpet hundredvis af familier gøre de rigtige beslutninger at få deres ejendom sælges for de fleste mængden af penge, og købe et nyt hjem, ikke der kun passer til deres livsstil, men vil også være en solid investering. Vi er oven på markedet som det udvikler sig, fuld tid, professional, knowledgable, omsorgsfulde og god til at arbejde med. Vi lever det hver dag.