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Sydney Coleman

United States

Member since March 06, 2013

  • Academies to receive 'green' technology | Newport International Group



    A NOTTINGHAM academy chain is investing £92,000 to bring in energy-efficient technologies at its centres.

    The Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust, which runs Nottingham Academy and Nottingham Girls' Academy, says the money will be used for low-energy lighting and boiler management systems which reduce fuel consumption.

    The Nottingham Academy, in Sneinton Boulevard and Mansfield Primary Academy are two of six academies in the trust that will benefit.

    The trust has gained an interest-free loan from Salix Finance, an organization funded by the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

    Trust chief executive Barry Day said: "Once the loan has been repaid, the money saved on energy bills can be used elsewhere in the academies to directly benefit pupils."

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