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Étienne Boucher

Maple, Canada

Member since March 01, 2013

  • Newport International Group: Top fashions leave trail of contamination

    Community, Communication Design

    Source Link Many fashion brands continue to use toxic chemicals which, among other things, are damaging to the world's fish population. Industry experts hope they can convince companies to start using non-toxic substitutes soon. newport international group - "Clothing companies are using the rivers of the world like sewers," says Manfred Santen from environmental organization, Greenpeace. Still, despite these strong words, Santen has not yet given up hope in his quest to convince the worldwide fashion industry to be more environmentally-friendly with the fabrics they use. For the German-based chemicals expert, it is the toxins used during the production of textiles that is the biggest area for concern. Some chemicals currently used in clothes production are carcinogenic or influence the hormonal system, he says. "In the countries where the production takes place, these chemicals end up in the nearby rivers through factory sewage systems," according to Santen. Later, after the clothes are sold to consumers in other countries and washed for the first time there, the chemicals are also released again. This threatens drinking water standards and is also a problem for marine life, which is eventually exposed to the polluted water.- newport international group

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