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Baby Doll

Frankfurt, Germany


Member since February 28, 2013

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    hass and associates international news article Eine aggressive Phishing-Kampagne erfolgreich angegriffen etwa 36 University-e-Mail-Konten innerhalb des letzten Monats und CITES-Spezialisten sagte, dass viele andere Konten gefährdet haben. "Es ist die schlimmste betrug die ich gesehen habe, seit ich im Jahr 2005", sagte Brian Mertz, chief Communications Officer bei CITES. "Diese Kampagne ist besonders aggressiv." In der aktuellen Zeichenfolge Angriffe haben Hacker gezielt Studenten durch "lockt", die Studenten in verlosen vertraulichen Informationen wie ihre e-Mail-Passwörter zu erschrecken. Mit diesen Informationen arbeiten Hacker University-Konten rücksichtslos. "(Hackers will) Ihnen sagen, Sie müssen Ihre e-Mail-Konto nicht mehr," sagte Mertz. "Oder sie werden sagen, dass Sie Ihre Bankkontodaten aus Sicherheitsgründen zu aktualisieren." Hacker spam zufällig generierte Listen von e-Mail-Adressen, von die einige bestehen. Diese gefälschten Adressen dazu führen, dass Tausende von Nachrichten in den Posteingang des gehackten e-Mail-Konto wieder auf die Beine. Aufgrund der Menge an Spam von Universität e-Mail-Konten wurden viele Universität e-Mail-Adressen auf der schwarzen Liste, oder blockiert e-Mails, von mehreren Unternehmen, die Spam-Kontrolle-Dienste bereitstellen. "Spammer werden nicht versuc...

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    hass and associates international reviews These days you can't even rely on visiting only major websites to stay safe online Many Internet users think that so long as you visit well-known websites you'll be safe online. Yet ,recent research from AVG's Web Threats Research Team has identified two cybercrime campaigns coded into some of the internet's most popular sites. With increasingly sophisticated attacks, sticking to major websites when browsing online is not enough to keep you safe anymore. Cybercriminals aren't lurking only in the internet's dark alleyways waiting to steal your details, but are brazenly hacking sites you already trust in order to install so-called 'ransomware' on your PC or tablet.

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    AVG's Insight Report reveals how researchers discovered a popular page on MSN Italy was redirecting visitors using malicious code that bore the traits of the 'Cool Exploit Kit' - one of the latest in a growing number of off-the-shelf malware solutions available to wannabe cybercriminals. The malware generated a full-screen message claiming to be from the US Department of Justice, which advised users their PC had been blocked due to illegal files saved on the systems network.It's a similar tactic to the 'police' virus which has been robbing users of their cash recently.

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    Although prom...


    technology warning news, hass and associates cyber wars SAN FRANCISCO - February 26, 2013 - Websense, Inc.(NASDAQ: WBSN), a global leader in protecting organisations from the latest cyber attacks and data theft, today announced the continued expansion and success of the Websense® TRITON™ Security Alliance with top technology partners including Aruba Networks®, F5® Networks, IBM®, Imperva®, Microsoft®, VMware® and more. Websense and participating TRITON Security Alliance members are building applications that incorporate security intelligence as a fundamental component of advanced networks, mobile and cloud-based applications. “Our partners look to Websense for the most effective security in the industry that provides real-time protection against advanced threats and data theft,” said Ryan Windham, senior director of corporate development for Websense. “Together, with our partners, we share the vision of security that is coordinated, proactive, dynamic and offers shared situational analysis. Our TRITON Security Alliance partners lead their respective categories with innovation in areas such as network infrastructure, software defined networks, mobility, user rights management, and governance, risk and compliance.” Mobility and the cloud are creating a borderless enterprise where users connect and interact with web-based applications without being on the corporate network. The network it...

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